Still made in Britain

…and hand crafted

Today’s AGA is made in exactly the same way as it always has been. Quite simply, molten iron is poured into moulds. It’s this technique that gives the castings their characteristic surface – each one is unique – and sets the AGA apart from the ubiquitous mass-produced uniformity.


Beneath the classic looks of every AGA is a heart of cast iron: the entire cooker is an outstandingly efficient energy store, steadily transferring the heat from its core into its ovens and hotplates.

An AGA is always ready to cook instantly and there are no switches and dials because the AGA looks after itself. Thermostatic control maintains consistent temperatures while high levels of insulation within the outer casing and beneath the hotplate covers ensure that every AGA uses fuel economically. The AGA releases a unique source of gentle, friendly warmth into your kitchen.

It was in 1922 that blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist

Dr Gustaf Dalén invented the world’s first heat-storage cooker.

While most cookers are spray painted in minutes, the AGA cooker’s multiple protective coats of gleaming vitreous enamel take three days to apply. It’s this enamelling that helps ensure the working life of an AGA cooker is measured not in years but in decades.

Of course, the modern AGA also contains state-of-the-art technology and is subject to rigorous quality controls and adherence to the latest environmental standards. Each part of an AGA cooker – and there are many – is meticulously inspected and colour checked before engineers carry out the final build in the new owner’s home.



Are produced in two main series as conventional and traditional on the principle of; TRADITIONAL HEAT STORAGE

You can prefer the type of fuel thanks to models working with natural gas, LPG or electricity. You can also see the AGA extraction hoods produced in different sizes and designs to accompany your AGA cooking unit which complements the stylishness of your kitchen.

We invite you to look more closely at the AGA oven model you Winners boiling Nişantaşı showroom.